crunchy corn fritters | makai pakoda

Sweet and crunchy corn fritters (or corn pakoda) is a popular snack. Available from 5-star hotel to road-star stalls, corn pakoda is very much in demand, specially by the vegetarians. Corn pakoda can be made in minutes and can be served to guests without much effort.


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sabudana khichdi recipe

Sabudana khichdi recipe is mostly prepared during vrat or fasting. But this sabudana khichdi recipe is what I often prepare at home on non-fasting days and so it also has onion and garlic. Vrat specific sabudana khichdi recipe will be published in another post.

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black chickpea salad | kala chana chaat


Every summer vacation, I used to join the summer training camp at the stadium near my home. Kids were provided coaching on various sports of their choices. Yes, this was back when I was at school. Although it was fun, it was tiring as well, 2 hours of gruelling exercise in the morning and afternoon. But that did not lower my spirit to roam and play around with friends during the day :)

Now I realize the energy source which kept me on my toes the whole day. Every morning and afternoon after exercise at the stadium, we were provided with boiled black chickpea, jaggery and one boiled egg. This combo was the powerhouse which kept me on my toes all day, running, playing, cycling, dancing and what not.

Wait !!! this was not the only thing I ate during the entire day. I also gobbled at my mom made breakfast and lunch as well :) But the chickpea-jaggery-egg combo helped me withstand the strain of the sessions which I went through at the training. If you are a fitness freak, you will give me a high five on that.

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rasgulla | make spongy rasagolla in pressure cooker

Rasgulla – the name itself makes my mouth water. Soft or spongy, fresh hot or chilled, rasgullas are a must try for everyone. In Odia, it is called ‘Rasagolla’. Made from sugar syrup, cheese (chenna) and semolina, rasagolla is a very popular dessert in India.

I have made the spongy version of rasagolla using pressure cooker.

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pasta with black chickpea and barbecue sauce

Quick, easy, tasty, healthy (and… vegan) – what else would you want from a recipe. ‘pasta with black chickpea and barbecue sauce’ is one such. I am always tempted by barbecue sauce, but never thought it would blend so well with pasta and black chickpea. This recipe and its variants can be made in less than 15 mins.

DSCN7745 - Copy-11

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mooli saag ki sabzi | radish leaves stir fry recipe

Radish leaves stir fry is a very easy and healthy recipe. Called as ‘mooli ka saag’ in Hindi and ‘moola bhaja’ in Odia, this recipe is a common side dish in the Indian cuisine.

Mooli saag ki sabzi can also be made part of the healthy home-made vegetable roll. Cooking the radish greens lowers the pungent smell and enhances the taste. So for those who do not prefer raw radish and radish greens, this recipe will definitely change your perception.

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green gram crepe | green moong uttapam | pesarattu dosa

Pesarattu dosa or green gram crepe make for a healthy breakfast or snack recipe. Made in a similar way like dosa, this green moong dosa is made by grinding the overnight soaked green grams.

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how to make jeera aloo recipe | Indian vegan recipe

Jeera Aloo or Aloo Jeera is a very easy and tasty recipe. Mostly prepared during festivals or pujas, aloo jeera is a no onion no garlic recipe. Even for foodies, aloo jeera is a must try. The ease and simplicity of making jeera aloo combined with its taste is something one should not miss, specially with luchi or poori :)


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broccoli carrot and corn masala curry

I like to experiment with curries with more than 1 vegetable. Just like this one – broccoli carrot and corn masala curry. It not only adds taste to the curry, but also the goodness of different vegetables combined together. Broccoli carrot and corn masala curry is easy to make and can be made from the leftover broccoli and carrot stir fry from the previous night.

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How to make Pumpkin Halwa | Kaddu ka Halwa Recipe

Pumpkin Halwa, also called kaddu ka halwa in Hindi, is a popular sweet dish and is specially made on festivals. But I make pumpkin halwa whenever we get a big one :) Pumpkin Halwa is also made on certain auspicious events or pujas when onion and garlic is not included in the recipes.


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