suji upma recipe | roasted semolina cooked with vegetables

suji upma recipe do not need an introduction – it is one of the most popular breakfast in India today. Simple to cook, delicious to taste and can be made in different varieties, suji upma has a place in most people’s heart. Made from roasted semolina, or suji in hindi, any vegetable, dry fruits and spices can be added to give upma a different twist. But if nothing is available, upma can still be prepared without upsetting your taste buds.

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gobi pakora | cauliflower fritters

Cauliflower fritters, commonly called gobi pakora in India, is a tasty crunchy snack which can be made in mins. Gobi pakora gets its taste from the different Indian spices mix together with corn flour and then deep fried. This gobi pakora recipe is popular in college canteens and street snack corner.

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shahi kaju aloo recipe | potato in rich masala gravy

Shahi kaju aloo recipe is indeed royal in its texture and taste. Although the entire process of making shahi kaju aloo masala make look daunting at first, it is actually easy. This recipe will test your patience but it is worth the effort.

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dal chaat recipe from leftover dal

dal chaat recipe from leftover dal – We often find our refrigerators full with leftover food which we don’t consume due to various reasons, commonly because we do not want to eat the same thing again and also because the food loses some of its taste. What if a few changes and tweaks can turn the old, often tasteless food into a new, delicious recipe :)

Dal chaat recipe is one of the easiest recipe to make within minutes, and you don’t need bread or rice or roti as primary.

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pan fried spinach fritters

It was difficult to take pictures of these crispy pan fried spinach fritters. Reason – I wanted to devour them :) These look utter delicious and once you try one, you just cant stop yourself. Specially if its a cloudy or rainy day, these spinach fritters just set the mood.

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curd rice recipe from leftover jeera rice

Curd rice is an absolute delight and a must have if you visit South India. Although eaten frequently during summer, curd rice do not wait for any day or season. Its simplicity can be attributed to the fact that curd rice and little pickle can together form the entire meal. Curd rice fits very well in the lunch box too :) Normally served at room temperature, curd rice can be prepared within minutes.


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aloo ka bharta | spiced mashed potato recipe

aloo ka bharta or spiced mashed potato recipe is common in North India and is made almost regularly. Specially because aloo bharta is easy quick to make and can be eaten with roti or rice-dal. This spiced mashed potato owes its taste to the different spices used to prepare this recipe. I have used pressure cooker to soften the potatoes as it is faster that cooking in a pan.

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spicy prawn yogurt curry | dahi chingudi recipe

This combination of prawn and yogurt will simply blow your mind. This spicy prawn yogurt curry, or dahi chingudi in Odia, is a recipe you would yearn for and will definitely try the very next time you get your hands on prawns. Although it seems daunting at first, prawn and yogurt curry recipe is very easy and with right ingredients at hand, can be prepared within 30 mins. A must try for prawn lovers :)

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spicy prawn pakora recipe | prawn fritters recipe

Prawn recipes always make my mouth water. Spicy prawn pakora recipe, or prawn fritters, is one of my favorites. Easy and fast to make, yet crispy, spicy and delicious. This spicy prawn pakora recipe is mostly eaten as an appetizer or a snack. These golden colored prawn pakoras are a hit at any party. You can also have them instead of the regular veg pakoras with tea during monsoons :)

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matar gajar pulao | green peas and carrot pilaf

Matar gajar pulao is a easy and quick recipe, especially when you get surprise guests. Pulao, or pilaf, can be made in a variety of ways and are very popular because of the aroma of the spices and ghee used to make it. Matar gajar pulao can be enjoyed with any curry with gravy, raita or simple masala curd. Many even prefer this green peas and carrot pilaf as it is, with no side dish. The choice is yours.


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