sooji ladoo recipe | rava laddu recipe

“laddu” the very name brings a smile to many of us :) So here we are today with a simple and easy rava laddu recipe. rava, or sooji, is commonly available in most households and is the primary ingredient for upma recipes. rava laddu or sooji ladoo recipe can be made in less than 30 mins and can be among your secret recipe for guests.

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vegetable and tofu salad

Tofu salad came to my rescue on the first day of office after new year – here’s how. New year and weekend tied together gives the real good break from home-office-home routine. But then came Monday again :( and although I got up early, time flew by while Sarita and I sat together talking and sipping honey-mint-lemon flavoured green tea. By the time we realized, time had quietly ticked by and I had only 15 mins left to get ready for office.

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ginger flavoured green moong dal recipe | no onion no garlic recipe

dal can be made in a various ways, but the ginger flavoured moong dal recipe is a personal favourite. not only because of its taste, but also because it is very easy to make and healthy. if you love ginger and its flavour, you have to try this recipe. the ginger and asafoetida (hing) creates a delicious taste and aroma. i have not used onion and garlic in this recipe. although you can use them, but i would recommend you to try the ginger version first.

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Indian spiced yogurt drink | chaach recipe | chaas

chaas is a spiced yogurt based drink popular in India. It is also called chaach. chaas is the counterpart of lassi. lassi is sweet and chaas is spiced. I have used coriander leaves, lemon juice, ground and roasted cumin seeds and ginger in this chaas recipe.

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cherry juice spiced with lemon and mint

A very easy and refreshing cherry juice with lemon and mint. Why cherries – markets are flooding with ripe cherries, and it is very difficult to stop oneself from getting hands on these delicious and juicy fruit. We got 1 big box of cherries and started popping them in on our way back. Why wait till we reach home :)

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kadai mushroom masala recipe

kadai mushroom is a quick, easy and utterly delicious recipe. I have used button mushroom for this recipe. This kadai mushroom recipe is a semi dry recipe made along with capsicum, onion, tomatoes and freshly grounded coarse powder of spices.


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mix vegetable raita recipe

mix veg raita is absolutely easy to make and takes around 5 mins :) Imagine a biriyani without raita and you will know its importance. Raita goes extremely well with all the spicy recipes. You can add anything to the raita, be it raw or boiled vegetables, fruits, spices or just anything available in the kitchen. You will enjoy it regardless, just decide whether you want it sweet or savory.

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suji upma recipe | roasted semolina cooked with vegetables

suji upma recipe do not need an introduction – it is one of the most popular breakfast in India today. Simple to cook, delicious to taste and can be made in different varieties, suji upma has a place in most people’s heart. Made from roasted semolina, or suji in hindi, any vegetable, dry fruits and spices can be added to give upma a different twist. But if nothing is available, upma can still be prepared without upsetting your taste buds.

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gobi pakora | cauliflower fritters

Cauliflower fritters, commonly called gobi pakora in India, is a tasty crunchy snack which can be made in mins. Gobi pakora gets its taste from the different Indian spices mix together with corn flour and then deep fried. This gobi pakora recipe is popular in college canteens and street snack corner.

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shahi kaju aloo recipe | potato in rich masala gravy

Shahi kaju aloo recipe is indeed royal in its texture and taste. Although the entire process of making shahi kaju aloo masala make look daunting at first, it is actually easy. This recipe will test your patience but it is worth the effort.

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