cucumber lassi recipe

a refreshing life-giver, cucumber lassi is a must on those hot summer days when you feel tried and drenched. this thick spiced cucumber lassi can relieve you in minutes :) cucumber lassi will not only quench your thirst but also invigorate your body.



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shredded tofu masala | tofu bhurji recipe

soaking tofu cubes is masala, curry or gravy takes time, but not when you grate or mash the tofu, :) you get a new dish with tofu blend with the spices when you grate it. shredded tofu masala or tofu bhurji can be prepared in 10-15 minutes.



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sambar recipe

age old yet trendy, sambar is the dish words fail to appreciate. can you imagine idli and dosa without sambar. i know the answer :) although it is always mentioned second, sambar is equally important. i feel its the taste of sambar which compliments idli and makes idli complete.

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strawberry cinnamon flavored green tea recipe

creativity makes people do crazy things and sometimes crazy things turn out to be delightful – like the strawberry cinnamon flavored green tea recipe. when Sarita told me of this flavored tea recipe, I was skeptic about it but agreed to be the subject for trial. good news is I am happy I tried it :)


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tofu eggplant stir fry

tofu eggplant stir fry is as easy to cook as it sounds. this humble recipe is a delight for vegan lovers and its the simplicity of this dish that steals the show. easily goes along with rice-dal or roti varieties, tofu eggplant stir fry is the recipe you want to have after a busy day.

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mango lassi recipe | mango smoothie

remember how that first sip of lassi made you feel on the hot summer day :) I felt I could drink all the lassi in the world. mango lassi, or mango smoothie, is an extension to the original lassi. this recipe can be prepared in less than 5 mins. if you had tried the mango lassi before, I bet you would want to try one now. if not, this recipe is not something you would want to miss. so go forth and make a glass.

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dahi pudina chutney | mint yogurt sauce

snacks and starters are incomplete without the dahi pudina chutney. be it samosa, pakora, chicken tikka or kebab, dahi pudina chutney not only increases the flavour but also helps in digestion.


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rasmalai | Indian sweet recipe

yahoo !!! we finally made rasmalai at home (actually sarita did it 😉 ) it was awesome. i have already finished half of the rasmalai 😀 it is so alluring. i always thought rasmalai is made by super expert cooks at the restaurants and hotels. if you also think so, let me tell you its a myth. YOU can make it at HOME :)


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cucumber chutney

cucumber chutney can be made in less than 5 mins and is great to serve with snacks. cucumber chutney helps as a coolant for our body and compliments the main course.


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chicken kasa recipe | chicken in thick spicy gravy

chicken kasa recipe is the perfect combo of patience and passion (and of course chicken and spices :) ) kasa in odia means thick spicy gravy; this recipe is neither dry nor watery gravy. chicken kasa is absolutely delicious and I bet you would love this recipe. a must try if you love chicken.

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