Badi Chura | Mangauri Choora

Badi chura is a dish popular in every Odia household. It is actually not a dish, but a side dish. Its primary ingredient is badi or mangauri. Badi or mangauri is made at home during summer, mostly during the vacations. Badi chura is served best with pakhala (water rice).


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Maggi Paratha Recipe | How to make Maggi Paratha

Maggi Paratha Recipe | How to make Maggi Paratha – Sitting at home and a lot of time to pass, this weekend was a lazy one. But after a couple of drizzles and showers, the cool climate seemed to seep in us. This made us crave for something warm and mouth licking. Pakoras were regular, so we wanted to try something different. I said paratha and Sarita said maggi. It happens like that, we don’t always agree on the same thing. But this time we thought out of the box, why not make maggi paratha. Paratha stuffed with maggi was something I had never had before. So the idea became a mission and we jumped out of our laziness and the outcome was goooood. Maggi Paratha really made our weekend.
Maggi Paratha 1

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Aloo Gobi bhaaji | Aloo Gobi fry

Aloo Gobi bhaaji or Aloo Gobi fry is a very common recipe in our house. Though common, the simplicity of this dish is uncommon. I remember asking my mother to give me aloo gobi fry in my lunch box during my school days. I have always loved this dish. It is very easy to prepare with less oil. After a weekend filled with kababs and biryanis and other heavy food, the aloo gobi is what you would love to have.

Aloo Gobi Fry1

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Chicken Pakora Recipe | How to make Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora – a snack, a starter and an anytime appetizer. The best thing – this recipe is easy to make. These crispy chicken balls are delicious to taste and one can have them at the tea table or with pudina (mint) chutney.

Chicken Pakora1

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macha ambula besara | small fish curry with mustard paste and dried raw mango

macha ambula besara – small fish curry when made using mustard paste and whole amchur (dried raw mango) can create a magic on your taste buds. Small fish curry is easy to make and if you are a fish lover, you should definitely try it. If not for the curry, small fish can also be fried. They are crispy and would add as a new dish to your plate. The tingly taste of the whole amchur combined with mustard paste creates wonders to the gravy and the fish.


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Karele ka bharta – No Onion No Garlic

Karela or bitter gourd is a very nutritional vegetable. It has many medicinal benefits and so it is a healthy recipe when cooked with less oil. Although bitter (as its name suggests), it can be tasty if properly cooked. Karele ka bharta (or Smashed Karela) is not only easy to prepare, but it retains little bitterness of karela. So how can one like it if its bitter. You have to try it for yourself to discover the taste in tingling bitterness.

This recipe is also for those who do not prefer onion and garlic. So why wait, get, set… go !!!

Karele ka bharta 1

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Palak Paneer Recipe | How to make Palak Paneer

Spinach/Palak paneer is a very popular dish in India. It is made of paneer (or cottage cheese) and palak (or spinach). Its easy to make, does not take much time and also healthy.

Palak Paneer

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gajar ka halwa recipe | how to make gajar ka halwa

gajar ka halwa is a delicious sweet dish which anyone with a sweet tooth couldn’t resist. A must have recipe for any festive occasion. Prepared from carrot, ghee, milk, raisins and cashews, ‘gajar ka halwa’ is easy and fast to cook. The specialty of this dish is it can be served both warm and cold.


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How to make Raddish/Mooli Kofta without onion and garlic

Kofta are delicious fried dumplings of vegetables or meat. It can be eaten dry or with the gravy called “malai”. The thick and creamy gravy along with the kofta is an absolute delight for one’s taste buds. We will be preparing the mooli kofta recipe without using onion and garlic.


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How to make oats uttapam/oats uthappam

Oats uttapam or Oats uthappam is a sumptuous treat for the body as well as for the taste buds. It is easy to prepare and one can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

How to make oats uttapam/oats uthappam

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