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spring onion pancake recipe

spring onion pancake recipe is a great and healthy snack to spend time while watching a movie or chit-chatting with family and friends. spring onion pancakes can be made in less than 15 mins.



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dahi pudina chutney | mint yogurt sauce

snacks and starters are incomplete without the dahi pudina chutney. be it samosa, pakora, chicken tikka or kebab, dahi pudina chutney not only increases the flavour but also helps in digestion.


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gobi pakora | cauliflower fritters

Cauliflower fritters, commonly called gobi pakora in India, is a tasty crunchy snack which can be made in mins. Gobi pakora gets its taste from the different Indian spices mix together with corn flour and then deep fried. This gobi pakora recipe is popular in college canteens and street snack corner.

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pan fried spinach fritters

It was difficult to take pictures of these crispy pan fried spinach fritters. Reason – I wanted to devour them :) These look utter delicious and once you try one, you just cant stop yourself. Specially if its a cloudy or rainy day, these spinach fritters just set the mood.

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spicy prawn pakora recipe | prawn fritters recipe

Prawn recipes always make my mouth water. Spicy prawn pakora recipe, or prawn fritters, is one of my favorites. Easy and fast to make, yet crispy, spicy and delicious. This spicy prawn pakora recipe is mostly eaten as an appetizer or a snack. These golden colored prawn pakoras are a hit at any party. You can also have them instead of the regular veg pakoras with tea during monsoons :)

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crunchy corn fritters | makai pakoda

Sweet and crunchy corn fritters (or corn pakoda) is a popular snack. Available from 5-star hotel to road-star stalls, corn pakoda is very much in demand, specially by the vegetarians. Corn pakoda can be made in minutes and can be served to guests without much effort.


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sabudana khichdi recipe

Sabudana khichdi recipe is mostly prepared during vrat or fasting. But this sabudana khichdi recipe is what I often prepare at home on non-fasting days and so it also has onion and garlic. Vrat specific sabudana khichdi recipe will be published in another post.

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black chickpea salad | kala chana chaat


Every summer vacation, I used to join the summer training camp at the stadium near my home. Kids were provided coaching on various sports of their choices. Yes, this was back when I was at school. Although it was fun, it was tiring as well, 2 hours of gruelling exercise in the morning and afternoon. But that did not lower my spirit to roam and play around with friends during the day :)

Now I realize the energy source which kept me on my toes the whole day. Every morning and afternoon after exercise at the stadium, we were provided with boiled black chickpea, jaggery and one boiled egg. This combo was the powerhouse which kept me on my toes all day, running, playing, cycling, dancing and what not.

Wait !!! this was not the only thing I ate during the entire day. I also gobbled at my mom made breakfast and lunch as well :) But the chickpea-jaggery-egg combo helped me withstand the strain of the sessions which I went through at the training. If you are a fitness freak, you will give me a high five on that.

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pasta with black chickpea and barbecue sauce

Quick, easy, tasty, healthy (and… vegan) – what else would you want from a recipe. ‘pasta with black chickpea and barbecue sauce’ is one such. I am always tempted by barbecue sauce, but never thought it would blend so well with pasta and black chickpea. This recipe and its variants can be made in less than 15 mins.

DSCN7745 - Copy-11

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green gram crepe | green moong uttapam | pesarattu dosa

Pesarattu dosa or green gram crepe make for a healthy breakfast or snack recipe. Made in a similar way like dosa, this green moong dosa is made by grinding the overnight soaked green grams.

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