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mix vegetable raita recipe

mix veg raita is absolutely easy to make and takes around 5 mins :) Imagine a biriyani without raita and you will know its importance. Raita goes extremely well with all the spicy recipes. You can add anything to the raita, be it raw or boiled vegetables, fruits, spices or just anything available in the kitchen. You will enjoy it regardless, just decide whether you want it sweet or savory.

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black chickpea salad | kala chana chaat


Every summer vacation, I used to join the summer training camp at the stadium near my home. Kids were provided coaching on various sports of their choices. Yes, this was back when I was at school. Although it was fun, it was tiring as well, 2 hours of gruelling exercise in the morning and afternoon. But that did not lower my spirit to roam and play around with friends during the day :)

Now I realize the energy source which kept me on my toes the whole day. Every morning and afternoon after exercise at the stadium, we were provided with boiled black chickpea, jaggery and one boiled egg. This combo was the powerhouse which kept me on my toes all day, running, playing, cycling, dancing and what not.

Wait !!! this was not the only thing I ate during the entire day. I also gobbled at my mom made breakfast and lunch as well :) But the chickpea-jaggery-egg combo helped me withstand the strain of the sessions which I went through at the training. If you are a fitness freak, you will give me a high five on that.

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Chicken and Corn Salad Recipe with Avocado in less than 30 mins

Chicken sauté with butter and garlic is a genius way to enjoy chicken. Adding corn, avocado, tomato, and coriander leaves to chicken makes for a healthy, tasty and colorful salad recipe in less than 30 mins.


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Red Cabbage Carrot and Cucumber Salad | Healthy Vegan Recipe

Red Cabbage Carrot and Cucumber Salad – This healthy vegan salad gives you a lot of vitamins, iron and nutrients. What better way to start your day with. With a dash of black salt, lemon and black pepper, this salad turns out to be delicious.


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