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ouu khatta recipe | elephant apple sweet and sour chutney

Ouu Khatta (ଓଉ ଖଟା) or Ou Tenga is a sweet and sour Chutney made of elephant apple (ouu) Dillenia indica in jaggery. ouu khatta is mostly prepared in households during the festivals. the sweet and sour taste of this khatta incites the hunger within. khatta is best served with rice and dalma.




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tala suji kakara pitha

tala kakara pitha is a special dish as it is made on special occasion and festivals. Odisha is the home of many varieties of pithas – aarisa pitha, manda pitha, enduri pitha, chakuli pitha, poda pitha, chitau pitha and many more.

pithas are usually made as offerings to deities during festivals. pithas are filled with ‘pur’/ ‘coconut stuffing’, which is usually a sweet mix of jaggery, grated coconuts, chenna (curd cheese) and spices.


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masala fish fry recipe | pan fried red spot whiting with Indian spices

when its raining outside and the weather is cold, I crave for crispy pakoras and masala tea. but today fate had other plans, I mean better plans 😉 the red spot whiting fish which we had bought from the markets was still in the freezer. I hinted Sarita to deep fry the fish… aha !! the very thought of the crispy fried fish made me dance.



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lau chana tarkari | lauki chana dal recipe | bottle gourd lentil curry

lau chana tarkari is very popular in Oriya households. commonly known as lauki chana dal subzi in India, this recipe is easy to make and is mostly made after days of heavy and rich food. very less spices are used in lau tarkari giving it a mild taste.

DSCN0444 - 11

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grapes chutney recipe | angoor khatta

angoor khatta or grapes chutney is a sweet and tangy side dish which is very popular in east India. this recipe marks the right blend of grapes and tamarind to create a flavour which will tease your taste buds :) if you have not tried this before, you should not have second thoughts 😀

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chicken kasa recipe | chicken in thick spicy gravy

chicken kasa recipe is the perfect combo of patience and passion (and of course chicken and spices :) ) kasa in odia means thick spicy gravy; this recipe is neither dry nor watery gravy. chicken kasa is absolutely delicious and I bet you would love this recipe. a must try if you love chicken.

DSCN9759 - Copy

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aloo ka bharta | spiced mashed potato recipe

aloo ka bharta or spiced mashed potato recipe is common in North India and is made almost regularly. Specially because aloo bharta is easy quick to make and can be eaten with roti or rice-dal. This spiced mashed potato owes its taste to the different spices used to prepare this recipe. I have used pressure cooker to soften the potatoes as it is faster that cooking in a pan.

DSCN9017 - Copy11


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rasgulla | make spongy rasagolla in pressure cooker

Rasgulla – the name itself makes my mouth water. Soft or spongy, fresh hot or chilled, rasgullas are a must try for everyone. In Odia, it is called ‘Rasagolla’. Made from sugar syrup, cheese (chenna) and semolina, rasagolla is a very popular dessert in India.

I have made the spongy version of rasagolla using pressure cooker.

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mooli saag ki sabzi | radish leaves stir fry recipe

Radish leaves stir fry is a very easy and healthy recipe. Called as ‘mooli ka saag’ in Hindi and ‘moola bhaja’ in Odia, this recipe is a common side dish in the Indian cuisine.

Mooli saag ki sabzi can also be made part of the healthy home-made vegetable roll. Cooking the radish greens lowers the pungent smell and enhances the taste. So for those who do not prefer raw radish and radish greens, this recipe will definitely change your perception.

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Rice Vada | Chaula Bara | Crunchy Crispy Vada

These rice vadas (Odia – Chaula Bara) are very famous street food of Odisha. These crispy vadas are savoured with onions and fried chillis. Other popular varieties are dahi bara, dahi bara alu dum, bara guguni, bara alu dum.

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