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spicy prawn yogurt curry | dahi chingudi recipe

This combination of prawn and yogurt will simply blow your mind. This spicy prawn yogurt curry, or dahi chingudi in Odia, is a recipe you would yearn for and will definitely try the very next time you get your hands on prawns. Although it seems daunting at first, prawn and yogurt curry recipe is very easy and with right ingredients at hand, can be prepared within 30 mins. A must try for prawn lovers :)

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spicy prawn pakora recipe | prawn fritters recipe

Prawn recipes always make my mouth water. Spicy prawn pakora recipe, or prawn fritters, is one of my favorites. Easy and fast to make, yet crispy, spicy and delicious. This spicy prawn pakora recipe is mostly eaten as an appetizer or a snack. These golden colored prawn pakoras are a hit at any party. You can also have them instead of the regular veg pakoras with tea during monsoons :)

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Janhi Chingudi Tarkari | Ridge Gourd and Prawn Curry | Guest Recipe

Ridge Gourd and Prawn Curry is also called Janhi Chingudi Tarkari in Odia. This is my trick recipe whenever we get surprise guests for lunch or dinner. Making a spicy recipe with prawns and ridge gourd not only serves as a delicious recipe but also helps to give a simple vegetable recipe a flavour of non-veg :)


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Prawn Cashew Masala Curry | Chingudi Kaju Tarkari

Prawn Cashew Masala Curry | Chingudi Kaju Tarkari – The aroma and flavor of prawn cashew masala curry is what I crave for. And today finally I got my hands on the prawns. I prepared prawn cashew masala curry my grandmother’s style. She made the most delicious prawn cashew curry I ever had in my life and I wish one day I can match her skills.

When I was a kid, I used to catch fish and prawns with my papa at the backyard pond in our village. I miss those days. I dedicate this recipe to my papa who also loves prawn cashew masala curry. Prawn Cashew Masala Curry | Chingudi Kaju Tarkari

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Fried Prawn Recipe | Easy Prawn Recipe | Chingudi Bhaja

Fried Prawns Recipe is the easiest way to prepare prawns. It takes very less time to make fried prawns, less than 10 mins. The crispy prawns can be served as an appetizer or a side dish.

Fried Prawn Recipe 1

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