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masala fish fry recipe | pan fried red spot whiting with Indian spices

when its raining outside and the weather is cold, I crave for crispy pakoras and masala tea. but today fate had other plans, I mean better plans πŸ˜‰ the red spot whiting fish which we had bought from the markets was still in the freezer.Β I hinted Sarita to deep fry the fish… aha !! the very thought of the crispy fried fish made me dance.



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tuna pasta recipe

I could not resist the temptation when I saw tuna pasta recipe on the breakfast table early Sunday morning :) almost half the serving was over by the time I thanked Sarita. what better to start Sunday with πŸ˜€ the tuna pasta recipe had capsicum and corn, which together with other spices, made the recipe juicy and delicious.

DSCN0233-1 - Copy

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salmon and pumpkin stir fry recipe in less than 30 mins

An easy and healthy stir fry recipe with salmon, pumpkin, sesame seeds, black pepper and coriander leaves. This took less than 30 mins to cook.


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Rohu Curry | Fish Masala | Macha Tarkari

Rohu Fish Curry is one of the must have masala fish recipes if you are in Odisha or West Bengal. Rohu is called as β€˜Rohi’ in Odia and β€˜Rui’ in Bengali. Rohu Fish Curry is an absolute delight of taste. I simply love the way my maa prepares fish curry. This weekend, she made rohu fish curry, her way. I watched and waited for the dish to be ready, the same way I had always done. It was nostalgic. Thanks maa, I love you :)

Rohu Fish Curry 1

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Odiya Summer Dish – Pakhala, Saga Bhaja, Badi Chura, Macha Bhaja

Odiya Summer Dish – Pakhala, Saga Bhaja, Badi Chura, Macha Bhaja – With the summer on with full swing and the scorching sun squeezing people of their energies, this recipe bucket will do wonders to help you rejuvenate and beat the heat.

This recipe bucket is how people of Odisha beat the sun. Pakhala or Dahi Pakhala (Water Rice) with badi chura, saga bhaja and macha bhaja (Fish Fry) is the ultimate desire for all during summers. Not to forget the onions and green chilly which add to this recipe bucket. And finally, the torani, drinking which will relieve anyone of all the tiredness and rejuvenates the body and mind. Also if you want to have a peaceful sleep after the day’s work, then you should go for this.

Dahi Pakhala - Saga Bhaja - Badi Chura - Macha Bhaja


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macha ambula besara | small fish curry with mustard paste and dried raw mango

macha ambula besara – small fish curry when made using mustard paste and whole amchur (dried raw mango) can create a magic on your taste buds. Small fish curry is easy to make and if you are a fish lover, you should definitely try it. If not for the curry, small fish can also be fried. They are crispy and would add as a new dish to your plate. The tingly taste of the whole amchur combined with mustard paste creates wonders to the gravy and the fish.


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