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strawberry cinnamon flavored green tea recipe

creativity makes people do crazy things and sometimes crazy things turn out to be delightful – like the strawberry cinnamon flavored green tea recipe. when Sarita told me of this flavored tea recipe, I was skeptic about it but agreed to be the subject for trial. good news is I am happy I tried it :)


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Tea | Healthy Chai Recipe with Ginger and Pepper

Tea rejuvenates the body like none other. With Ginger and Pepper added, the aroma is simply irresistible. This tea also help as stress reliever. Whether its early morning or after office, this tea puts you back into action. It also soothes the throat and helps in fighting cold and cough.

Prabhat loves this tea. Everytime I ask him which tea he would prefer, I always knew he would ask for this tea, even before he says so. But I simply like asking him. I will post my other tea recipes shortly. Till then, try this one and let me know how you liked it.


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