About Us

Hello !!! thanks for stopping by.

I am Sarita and this is our blog. By “Our” I mean you and me. Yes, because it is you with whom I want to share the recipes.123

I am a food enthusiast and experimenting with food and spices excites me. I try a lot of different stuff to give the conventional recipe a taste switch. Sometimes it turns out to be great, and sometimes not. But thats ok.

This blog started for the greatest foodie I have ever known, my husband Prabhat 😀 and it is he whose idea was to create this blog. We started out of pure curiosity of creating a personal recipe book for our kitchen experiments. We loved to take photos of the recipes and share it with family and friends. Blogging was new to us and we were excited to be part of this delicious journey.

I am writing this after almost a year of starting the blog. Initially we used to write as a journal entry, sharing with friends and family, but as time passed by, we starting receiving comments and compliments from people. Messages from our readers telling us that they loved our recipes and photos. It was a booster for me. It is real fun to connect to people who share a common interest.

All the recipes posted in this blog have been first tried and tasted at home. Cooking is all about enjoying the process of creating healthy and delicious recipes. And believe me its easy. People say they dont know to cook. Its just because they haven’t tried it yet.

Hope you enjoy this blog. Thank you and keep smiling 😀

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